Deploying Windows

Windows 7! Its here! I’ve been working and playing with windows 7 for a while now. I’m in love with it! Granted I’ll always have my love of Linux. But windows 7 just does what I need it to, when I need it to. The deployment process of it is really interesting to me. I’ve been working with windows deployment and imaging for 2 years now. I dabbled with it before but now I would consider my self an expert at deploying windows xp. When it comes to deploying win7 I can consider my self an advanced intermediate. I’m still having problems getting MDT2010 to work with SQL and I’m still trying to develop a way to deploy 32bit on laptops and 64bit on desktops and still keep the simplicity of a single image patched and ready. I’ll start posting more as I go along. I’ll have links to various sites and hopeful I’ll make an impact in the deployment community