Mainstream Movies vs Porn

So yes, although this rant went a little off topic, I wanted to say I know that mainstream porn is full of a bunch of size 2 women with perfect bodies and plastic surgery, but you know what? so is every fashion magazine and mainstream movie (oh excuse me, I could always get work as the plucky fat side kick who always talks about food) so before we talk about body image and porn, put down the Cosmo and stop talking about how people like Kira Knightly have the best bodies, then maybe we can have a constructive conversation. For now, I’m going to say that at least porn stars are open about their plastic surgery, and admit their bodies are unnatural, instead of every other actress out there saying she’s just blessed with good genes. So if you’re willing to watch regular movies and browse magazines that lack images of women that represent your experience, I don’t see the difference of watching porn with the same thing.

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