eBoostr Review

Well I ran some benchmarks over the weekend and found that Borderlands sits at 25+ fps when I use this… eboostr Color me shocked! I thought that this would be yet another bit of snake oil. I went into this testing with thinking, Gee these people are just selling snake oil.. what is this going to do that readyboost won’t? Without using eboostr I would get about 10fps after I installed the General Knoxx DLC. I don’t have that power of a system at home now and I was really bummed when I saw the FPS drop from my normal rate of 20. I tried using readyboost and still did not see any changes. In fact I saw longer load times and the game felt less responsive. I tried using more cache by adding another 2GB flash drive and still didn’t get much out of it. Using eboostr my system is much more responsive and enjoyable to use. I’m currently running ver. 4 beta. It supports windows 7 x64. I am not being paid for saying this, although I wouldn’t mind a free copy eboostr people! :D Eboostr will set a cache on your hard drives, flash drives, etc. One thing that really interests me is how it can use the unused ram on x86 systems! As you know on 32 bit system you can not use over 4GB of total memory. Given that video card memory counts in this you could end up only getting 3.5GB of system memory used! ebooster can create a cache on all that wasted ram. That is really cool. I’m happy to see that this isn’t another bit of snake oil but a really good product. Now I wish M$ could get readyboost working like that too. Perhaps they’ll be the next sysinternals?