Computer Safety & Fap control.

A friend of mine recently had her computer pillaged by malware again thanks to her little brother. Like most guys I assume he is enjoying the bounty of the internet to it’s dirty fullness. However since she needs her computer for more than just internet surfing and finds it more than a little disturbing that shows up before I offered some advice.

Protecting your computer is as easy as 1,2,3.

One: Never ever under any reasons what so ever. Run your computer as an administrator! You may think you have a good reason to and under Windows XP & Vista you may have had some idea that you needed to. Perhaps you were right. But under Windows 7 you really have no reason. Why? Because everything you need to do you are able to do. When you need to patch software, install software updates, (not windows updates) and install software you need Administrator rights. For that reason you create an admin account or use the built in administrator account. Doing this while using strong passwords will help keep your system safe. There is also another thing you should be aware of. When you receive a UAC prompt in Windows 7 there are two kinds. One kind that has your username & profile picture in it prompting you for your password & the other asking for a username & password. The one with your username is one just asking you to confirm your choice because it could affect your account’s settings and disrupt programs you run. The other prompt is asking you for admin right because it will make system wide changes.

Two: Install Windows Live Family Safety on your computer. This will block most adware & adult sites from loading on your computer. This is very effective fap control. If you are running your account as a standard user then this can not be turned off with out your admin password. Again yet another layer in fap control as well as malware control.

Three: Use Anti-malware protection. Microsoft Security Essentials does a great job at system protection. I’ve tried AVG, Avast, Bit-Defender, etc. But MSE seems to consume less resources and works better on my computers. If you can spare some coin Malwarebytes is worth it. I run MSE & Malwarebytes side by side on my Windows systems.

If you have any questions just let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them or create a nice guide to help.

Also if you have/know of any FOSS that can do the same job or better I would love to know that too!