System Sweeper PXE Boot.

As you may know, Microsoft released a standalone system sweeper for malware removal, This allows you to create a CD/DVD, UFD, or ISO. While this works well I wanted to boot this via PXE. I hate having to find media, set it up, etc. I’d rather just use WDS to boot a WIM and be done with it. So I created some media and extracted the files needed for the system scanner and created my own System Sweeper WIM to boot via PXE.

1. Create Media – CD/UDF/ISO 2. Mount Boot.wim from the media. 3. Add the following files from the CD/UFD/ISO to the root of the wim: 1. FilesList64.dll or Fileslist32.dll 2. mpam-fex64.exe or mpam-fe.exe 5. Update Wim with drivers, packages, etc. 6. Umount & Commit changes. 7. Add wim to WDS. 8. Blowup some malware.