Some Quick Reviews

Here is a quick review of Windows 8 and the Xperia X10.

Windows 8:

Windows 8 is an interesting OS. I respect the effort to unify the desktop and mobile devices. I understand that I should give the user an experience that is the same no matter where they are. To me it seems the goal is to create a fast food version of a computer. I don’t like it. My biggest gripe is the Metro Ui aka Start Screen. It makes working in remote desktop a pain. I feel like I need to have a touch screen or a touch-less input device to work the computer. Most of all I feel like it’s designed for kids or people who are scared of computers. I don’t want a phone OS on my computer. I want to sit down to work or play. To me the Start Screen is nothing more than a fancy app launcher that gets in the way of my other apps. I even dread to picture what will happen if I hit that start button while playing a game. At best I end up with something like the Xbox. At worse my game crashes. I still need more time with the OS to give a more in-depth view. These are just my gripes now.

Xperia X10:

This phone is a huge step up from my G1 that no longer does anything other than crash and burn. My only gripe about this device is that it seems that the camera has a problem where it just stops working. None on any of the forums I’ve seen seems to know why. It only seems to happen on the phones that came with Android 1.6 on them. The camera was not working right till I upgraded it to the latest sony rom and it worked great for a while. Then suddenly it stopped working. At that point I just rooted it and installed a custom rom. I tried going with the ASOP roms but nothing worked right. I went over to a MIUI Rom. Wow, MIUI rom’s are damn sweet. In my view these Roms are what Android can be. However I digress, The X10 is a very capable device. The battery lasts all day, I don’t have a plan so I just use it on wifi for everything. This works fine for me. If I need to make a call I use SIP / GoogleVoice and stop into a place with free wifi. The screen is really nice for almost any media. Everything looks really good on it. It’s got enough weight that I don’t feel like I’m going to break it yet it’s slim enough that it’s not a problem to carry anywhere I’m going. The wifi on this phone was just as poor as any of the other phones I’ve used or played with. Well it was poor till I got a custom rom on it. I’m not sure what kind of awesome-sauce they used on it but I have a very noticeable increase in range and performance. I did not notice this in any of the ASOP roms I tried though. I’m looking forward to seeing how Android 4 runs on here. I’ve seen a few ICS roms but I want to enjoy my device not deal with crashing and bugs. Even though the phone is two years old I would still recommend it to anyone who needs a decent android phone once it’s upgraded to 2.3+