I’m going to try to update this throughout today. I doubt that’s going to happen though.


Up late last night getting everything ready. I’m looking forward to seeing the kids reactions to the food and movies. My brother should make an appearance too. The kids really love Uncle Adam, even though they don’t see him nearly enough. Then again they don’t see a lot of family nearly enough. I do miss the days of being around a large family with 20+ people around the table for Sunday Dinner.

Iruma made pancakes for the kids and we’ve started peeling things getting them ready to steam and cook. It’s looking good.


No sign of Grandma and Uncle Adam. They’re here! We’re waiting for egg salad and a few things that we ran out of. Kids are waiting on bated breath.

Great lunch! Everyone loved it.


Dinner was amazing! Iruma out did her self. Potatoes were a little over salted but otherwise everything was amazing! Pictures are coming later… after the turkey coma….


Apple Pies, Pumpkin pies, pecan pies. All made by Iruma and my mother. It was amazing. Too bad Xan didn’t make it to the pies. He passed out during dinner and had to go to bed. Everyone is happy, full, and ready for bed. I’m busy doing dishes so I can get going too.

Happy Turkey Day!