Update: Router Died

So our Cisco 2800 did not die. It was a simple case of missing a cable after a UPS change months ago. I sent a new UPS to an office that had an outdated and failing UPS. They changed it out, swapped the cables over and left it in their rack. Months later (yesterday) the UPS just gives out. The Router was connected to it along with a few other things. When I was told that the router was dead. I presumed it was on the new UPS and the old on had been discarded. I placed a call to TAC got someone out there and they noticed the router was connected to the dead UPS. The FE moved it over to the correct UPS and huzzah everything is working! This is why having cables done correctly and everything labeled is so important. If your racks look like the Flying Spaghetti Monster barfed in them then you need to get some downtime and fix that, more importantly take time do the job right. Otherwise you could end up with major outages all because someone couldn’t see a cable.