Poking fun at Linux Gaming

So I see this post on Reddit and thought it was pretty funny. I didn’t laugh till I saw the top comment though.

This must be the Ubuntu version, Slack or gentoo, would be a log, and some copper ore.

A log? Pfft. You want all the work done for you? Try an acorn.
You’ll need iron ore and coal as well to make the steel tools to cut the tree down when it grows and shape the wood.

Then it just started down the road to a long talk about minecraft and that’s really what this post is about. Perhaps the title is a bit misleading. I’ve read and watching things about minecraft for a while now. I never really got into it. Partly because Terraria is just so fun to play and I just didn’t want to get into another game. However now that I’ve gotten into playing I can fully understand all the uses this game has. My kids want to play it, I want to play it, my friends all see to want to play it. I guess I’ve finally got bit by the minecraft bug. When I get some time to play with the kids I am going to turn them loose on it and see what they can come up with. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun. However the real reason I think I’m enjoying this game is because it runs on just about anything. I’ve made a huge effort to get all of my systems running Linux this year. The only thing stopping me from migrating my main box is how am I going to play games with my limited time? I don’t really want everyone else to fight things just to play a game that I know will run great under Windows. I don’t mind tinkering with things to get it working. Hell, I love it! The kids? Not so much. They’ll just get frustrated and move on. I can’t really expect a 5 year old to debug xorg configs. So while poking fun at Linux gaming is amusing it’s also highlights the problems too. Thankfully Valve seems to highly interested in tackling these problems. Even if it’s just to get a console to market.