Updates and a Wiki

Oh wow, so much has changed in the last month. I’ve moved the site over to a hosting provider, (re)setup a wiki, and I’ve began work on starting up another business. Needless to say I’ve been busy. For my hosting I went with Name Cheap since I already have my domains registered though them. Transitioning from self-hosting to shared hosting  was a bit of shock. I was used to running and tuning things the way I wanted them to not being able to control a lot of that. I’m not complaining though. The speed and up time of having this site hosted professionally is amazing. Name Cheap makes it really easy to do and their support is good too. I’ve had to use them a few times to get everything setup the way I want to. Each time they were fast to respond and got the problem sorted out.  As for the wiki? It’s humming along wonderfully. I’ve recreated the accounts, setup admin tiers, and imported my content. I even updated my basic guides too. With all of this stuff offloaded my tiny Linux server it’s given me some resources to load the mine craft server on it. Though it can only support 3 – 5 people playing at any given time it’s still got better up time than me running it as a service on my desktop since I would constantly kill it when I played other games. I’ve also started up my TOR relay again. It had been offline since  the move and I just never had the time to get it going on. With that running I’ll be helping protect internet freedom one byte at a time.

On a personal update, I’ve exploring the possibility of taking my career to the next level. I’ve started studying a lot more and focusing on Linux system administration. I would like to see my self working in that field one day. Though I’m not sure how or where to start. I’m working on getting my LPI. I figure that will give me the ability to get my foot in the door since most of my professional experience is with Windows. I’m entertaining the idea of working on the RHCE. As much as I like debian based distros I think having the RHCE will be a huge boost for me. I need to do a little research though. I do find my self odd conflicted though.  I really don’t believe there is going to be much more I can do here and that’s kind of sad since I really enjoy everyone I work with and the work I do.

Well that’s all my updates for now.