So I adopted some rats.

So I went and did something really impulsive. My kids have begged for a pet. Paying a pet fee and keeping up with all the other bills that go with dogs & cats are just way more than I can afford. Plus I’m not around enough to make sure they get trained correctly. So that leaves me smaller things. I could have gotten a turtle, hamsters, etc. I opted to get them rats. So now my kids are proud owners of the domesticated fancy rats. I’m around enough to make sure they get cared for correctly and to enjoy them. I can say that watching these little guys so far has been really amusing. They’re like little raptors, test the cage for weak spots. I got them lots of little things to play with and the kids are just in love with them. I love seeing the look of awe on their faces as they pet them and watch them play. I would have rather got them a dog but I have a feeling that everyone is going to enjoy them. When I get a camera setup I’ll post some pictures. I’m really loving these rats.