Searching for Pressure Cooker Bombs and backpacks makes you a suspect?

This article on DHS showing up at someone’s home at The Atlantic Wire because people were looking up backpacks while the other person was looking up Pressure Cookers and Pressure Cooker Bombs really makes me angry. We have the right to look up anything we want to. If I’m curious about how a pressure cooker bomb works I should be able to find out. If I wanted to see how ANYTHING works I should be able to find out. From a motor cycle to a nuclear reactor. Making someone a suspect out of curiosity is a fast track to censorship and the decline of America. When you can pick up a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook just about anywhere along with Homemade C-4 or perhaps Homemade Semtex conducting these types of operations is just pointless. If someone wanted to blow up something they would have. In fact I would argue that having a more knowledgeable public would make the world safer. Having people know what it takes to make these things would make them more aware of the danger signs of when things could happen. Then again perhaps it’s just because I would rather live in a world where we have freedom instead of a nanny state. Perhaps I should have turned on my VPN to make this post, but I figured why hide it. The more people who run searches on this stuff the better. Also I’m pretty sure my domain name has already put me on a few watch lists.

Oh well that’s the end of my rant.