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I’ve started contacting the media. I don’t know what else to do. I’m scared and worried for my children. I’m hoping someone can get my story out there so we can find the children. The more people that see this the better. As far as the lawyers go it’s clear that the first one I talked to either was trying to string me along or just didn’t fully understand my situation. It’s becoming more clear that this is going to get a lot more expensive than a $2500 retainer. $5000 seems to be the upper limit to the retainers I’ve been quoted. The average retainer has been about $3500. So I’m going to need a lot more money. I still don’t have any answers about why this is happening or where my family is. I just want this nightmare over.


A week later and there is no sign of her. I’ve posted everywhere I can think of and going to every place that I can think of that she might have been or gone. At this point it’s pretty much a waiting game.  I miss my children and I’m worried sick about them. I’m going to pack up with is left of our apartment today and moving it into storage. I should have woken up to make breakfast and watch cartoons. I don’t wish these feelings of abandonment and loss on anyone. She was my friend, partner, and confidant. Things were not perfect but every year they got a little better. We had plans to buy a house and get married next year. We were finally going to afford better care for her BPD/SAD too. I don’t know what caused her to do this and might not ever know. All I know is that there’s a huge hole in my soul after she took my entire world and purpose in life. I’m still looking at lawyers and I’m going to have to pick one try to retain on Monday.

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On Friday August 15th 2014 my long time girlfriend kidnapped our children. She dropped me off to work and proceeded to remove all the kids and her items from our apartment. She withdrew the kids from their school and vanished. I was left at work all night eventually falling asleep at my desk. Around 4am my phone rang and woke me up. She told me to go down stairs and collect the van. When I got down stairs her keys were in the van and there was no sign of her. I raced back to our apartment and found it emptied. I started to piece things together and found my bank account emptied and clues started to emerge that she had been planning this months. Since Saturday at 5:30am I have tried to find my children. She has borderline personality disorder (BPD) and schizoaffective disorder (SAD) these make her emotionally abusive and can make her unstable at times. I’m worried for their safety. She doesn’t work and the only way of supporting the children is with the money she took. Thanks to the resources of my friends and family I have got help from law enforcement to help locate them, but they are still missing. However due to a quirk in Florida law (744.301) even if they do locate them she has the last say in custody until a judge establishes my rights as a father. I found a firm that only takes men as clients and only does family law. I saw a lawyer and they are very confident I can get temporary full custody and full-time custody in a time-sharing plan. I need to raise $2500 for the retainer . They can start fast tracking thing for me if I’m able to pay them 50% ($1250) of it now. This is wonderful but She took every penny I had and I paid my bills on Friday so I am beyond penniless. I’m asking for people to donate a bit of money to help pay the retainer so I can make sure my children are safe and protected. I have someone who is willing to match donations so anything you give will be doubled. Without your help it will take me weeks to come up with the money and it could be too late. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help you can give. Post on Reddit:

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