2015 in review

2014 was one of the worse years I've ever had with the kids going missing after Iruma's breakdown. 2015 has been a wild ride. I've been reconnected with the children after not seeing them for months, I was laid off, I started my own business, I've leveled my cooking, and much more.

By far the biggest change was going from full time sysadmin to full time dad. It's been amazing and by far the most rewarding experience of my life.


Reconnected with the children. By far the most emotional moment of my life is watching my children walk through the door after not seeing them for months. We ate pizza watched a movie and for the first night in months I actually slept without panic attacks and nightmares. I never enjoyed making pancakes more the next morning.


Spring break & freedom well sorta. Most of the legal stuff is resolved and I was laid off. After working for a company for nearly a decade, fighting for unemployment, not finding any jobs for my skills, and fueled by the desire to spend more time with the children I decided that I could either take a help desk / pc tech job or start my own company. With the support of friends, family, and a push by the kids I started Tech Cabbage.

Spring break was amazing too. We spent the week traveling and going to Animal Kingdom too. I really enjoyed sharing that experience with them. Being able to not worry about the world and just focus on having fun was exactly what we needed.


Easter was really fun. The kids got to experience a massive easter egg hunt race. We ate snow cones in the hot Florida sun and spent a lot of time on the bounce house.


Summer an amazing adventure. Figuring out how to bring the kids along while I'm doing jobs reminded me of being a kid and my parents taking me to the farm. Working with my Dad are some of my fondest memories. While I'm sure I didn't help or learn much watching him work, solve problems, and talking with him really helped me. While I would love to see the kids follow in my trade, I hope I'm showing the the value of work, problem solving, and fond memories too.


The 4th was fun. I smoked some chicken breasts, made some ribs, and the kids spent the day in the pool. While we couldn't go watch a firework show there were plenty in the sky. Then we all came inside to sing happy birthday to Jules.


School year starts. The kids have grown like weeds over the summer and back to school shopping drives me crazy. :)

Xan gets his ADHD meds. LIfe get's a little easier for everyone. :D


Thanksgiving dinner was the first major event I ever cooked without significant help. Cooking everyday for the past year really leveled up my skills to make it possible. I pre-made most everything so it was mostly reheating. The kids enjoyed it a lot. I made sure the entire family was around the table. In the cramped apartment we ate, laughed, and had family time.


Snow Fest in NMB was really fun. Despite getting rained on, a grumpy mommy, and long lines. The parade was a lot of fun to watch, Jules lead a crowd of kids in dancing, Avriel did pretty well too, Xan got to run around in a giant hamster ball, and we looked at some really cool lighting. Saddly the snow turned to slush in the hot Florida night when the warm rain drizzled down upon it.

Christmas was really tight. It wasn't the biggest, but it felt like one of the best. Despite not being able to get the kids everything they wanted they had their family around them. At the end of the day, that's all the matters.


Tech Cabbage Inc. is born, the kids are doing well in school, and life is finally steady. I'm looking forward to spring break, summer, and making more memories. We're the happiest we've ever been.