Co-Parenting lessons in Kung Fu Panda

Yes, Kung Fu Panda 3 is out and sooner or later parents everywhere are going to be subjected to it. Hidden in the movie are surprising nuggets of co-parenting lessons. WARNING there might be spoilers ahead.

So as seen in the trailer Po's dad finds his soon and they take a journey to the panda village to learn what it is to be a panda. Along the way we see Po embracing both his dads as any child would. However the we also see that Mr. Ping is worried about loosing his son to Li and the pain he's going though. It's a layer that is lost on children but they still understand it. All of use are scared of loosing our children to a new parent, the other parent, step parent, etc. All of us get so caught up in loving and caring that we get selfish in the name of being protective. Sometimes it's justified and correct. Other times we're just scared. When Mr. Ping goes to visit Li and tells him that the real reason he came with them wasn't for Po but for Li it's an amazing moment in the movie. Mr. Ping says "I realized that having you in Po's life doesn't mean less for me; it means more for Po." Boom, that's what it all comes down to! More for our children not less for ourselves.

I don't think there is a parent alive who hasn't felt lost or scared when dealing with other parents. Even more so when those other parents live apart from us either though divorce, circumstance, or a baby panda in a radish cart raised by a noodle baron duck. We all want the best for our children. Co-parenting shouldn't be a term solely used in divorce. Really it's skills that all parents should take some time to learn. At the end of the day you're co-parenting with a lot of people in your child's life even if you don't realize it. So maybe the next time you see a blended family making it work take some time to talk with them; you could learn a thing or two. ;)