Blog Improvements!

It's official, I'm done with WordPress. There's lots of things I love about WordPress so I'm not gonna bash on it too much. I moved my blog over to Ghost from WordPress a little over a year ago. Since then I haven't done too much with it. However, I've been trying to do a little more blogging lately and that means updating old posts, correcting themes, etc. I really feel like I'm discovering the true power that Ghost brings. Serving static pages means it's super light. Being able to use markdown and html in posts means I can craft really interesting content. Most importantly I can use bootstrap! When you combine that with the Odin theme, a fork of the default Casper theme, you end up with a very powerful platform that gives you a lot of the same ease of use that WordPress has without all the bloat.

Now as for the improvements, I've taken on a few new hobbies and while social networking is a great place to post stuff it really doesn't work for documentation / Journaling. I really want to showcase some of the recipes I'm working on, some of the projects I'm currently doing, DnD games I'm running, and most importantly show off my awesome kids. 😉

So hopefully you'll find some good content that helps you along your way.