The Armchair Quarterback (parent)

Co-parenting is tough! It doesn't matter if you're married, divorced, or whatever. Plenty of people have it worse than me and I can only imagine what they go though. Lately I've been dealing with parenting in hindsight. No matter what choice I make as the full time caregiver I'm told I'm doing it wrong, I need to do x, y, z, or that wouldn't happen if.

I've never claimed to be the best dad, though one day I'd like to earn the fabled mug/shirt combo, but I've got a pretty good sense on what's best for my children. I know that I'm unorthodox and that confuses people. Not many parents are going to make their kids roll a D20 to settle disputes; create a currency system based on marbles; or any of the other things I do that make other parents head's spin. Yet everything I do works really well for my kids.

So when I'm dealing with the Armchair Quarterback I've learned that nothing I do will be correct in their eyes. They've got strong opinions and if they can feel like they're doing something then I can just avoid the arguments. So when I'm told I'm doing everything wrong, I don't get upset; anyone can look at these children and see they come from a loving home, have good morals, are responsible for their actions, and are respectful of others.

And who could want more than that? 😉