How to consume media when you have little/no time

Like most people I'm really busy. I've got 100 different things that need to be at any given time. So watching TV / Movies, listening to podcasts, or just reading requires me to short time on other things. It wouldn't be so much of a problem but there's so much good content out there that I want to enjoy. So I 'compress' them into chunks that allow me to consume more. It's something that anyone can do too. Unlike speed reading which takes more time to develop you can easily learn how to watch or listen to things 2-4 times faster in a pretty small period of time. While watching / listening to things at 4x is pretty extreme most people should be able to handle 2x with little problems.

Since I'm already listening to podcasts while I'm doing other things it was easier to start with them. Your choice of media may vary but the important aspect is pick something you really enjoy and listen to often. This way it's easier for you follow along with it. To start you want to go slow so increase the playback speed to 1.2x. I used pocket casts, VLC, and MPV. So it's very easy to adjust those things. Once things are very easy to follow and playing a normal speed seems 'slow' to you then kick it up to 1.5. When 1.2x seems 'slow' and 1.5 seems 'normal' kick it up to 1.75 and repeat. Once you're at 2x speed with your favorite media start doing the process over again with other media e.g. TV shows. Once 2x speed seems 'normal' to you on everything you can keep going up or just keep things where they are. Using this method you'll be able to consume media much faster with your limited amount of time.